Saving Backup/Rescue Config on Juniper

A lot of times I find myself having to back a config up on a Juniper before I start work. Usually, I want a quick point I can restore to if I need to rollback. So enter rescue configurations to the, errr, rescue?

request system configuration rescue save

This saves the current saved system configuration as a rescue configuration you can easily rollback to with.

#rollback rescue

You can also save the current configuration to file using:
>file copy /config/juniper.conf.gz /var/tmp/temp_backup.cfg

/config/juniper.conf.gz is synonymous with the current running configuration.

Potentially, you could stash files in /var/tmp/ and restore them using the above. And restore using your backup with #load replace /var/tmp/temp_backup.cfg

View your stashed files using file list /var/tmp

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