SCP File To/From ASA

To an ASA

Need to do this a few times for some work. It looks like the ASA is a bit picky about how you specify the destination location when you try and do it from a UNIX box.

Enable SSH copy on the ASA

ssh scopy enable

Copy the ASA image from the local directory on your UNIX box to the device.

scp -v asa825-51-k8.bin username@IP_ADDRESS:disk0:asa825-51-k8.bin

If you don’t use this format the UNIX box will give you an error message along the lines of “lost connection”, though the transfer will seem to have completed.

From an ASA

Tested with an ASA running asa723-k8.bin

scp -v cisco@ asa822-k8.bin

2 thoughts on “SCP File To/From ASA

  1. bruce boardman says:

    Another file transfer trick I learned recently when the TFTP transfer would not work, is to specify the entire command parameters on the command line, and then the OS picks those as default. Don’t know why this is any different from plugging the parms into the TFTP promts, but TAC does it this way and it works.

    ASA set up tftp on remotes

    tftp-server inside C:\TFTP-Root\asa847-26-k8.bin

    copy tftp: flash:

    Address or name of remote host []?

    Source filename []? asa847-26-k8.bin

    Destination filename [asa847-26-k8.bin]?

    Accessing t;int=inside…

    1. Nice one! I’ll test that one too. One of the reasons I have to do it this way is because I don’t have root access to setup a TFTP server, but I should be able to test it in a lab.

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