The 5 Year Plan

I was recently asked what my 5 year career plan was and whether I wanted to go down the architect route. It threw me a little bit because I’ve never really been a 5 year type person. I have real trouble seeing where I’ll be beyond a year to 18 months.

So, this is my attempt to try and put something together. It doesn’t hurt to have a plan right?

Ideally, you need a short, medium and long term plan. A couple of these could be tech related (e.g: get to CCIE), but the pace technology moves at means the longest term one (if it’s longer than 3 years could well have moved goalposts, or died out). So, without ado, I give you the 3 – 6- 12 – 24 – 36 plan. Or 3,6,1,2,3 plan. This is my way of putting down what I want to have achieved in the next 3-6 months, year, 2 and 3 years.

3-6 months: Get my CCNP Security finished with, and maybe another associate level non-Cisco vendor certification.

1 year: Complete my CCIE written and be on my way to lab revision.

2 years: Completed, or have attempted the CCIE lab once.

3 years: Who knows? CCDE? Become a technical leader? Or become professional level qualified with another vendor?

I don’t know how feasible these things are, but I’ll have a go.


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